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Amélie, Maison d'art announces its recent collaboration with Métaphore for its next two openings in 2022. The aim of this collaboration is to offer a major place to art, a central element of the Metafore DNA. "It is essential to highlight art within our spaces. From a personal point of view, I love discovering works of art in hotels, restaurants and other places I frequent, I find that they bring a lot to a space", explains Romain Magri, founder of Metafore.

Amelie Maison d'art was founded in 2015 by Amélie du Chalard who had a founding wish: to rethink the experience of art and shake up traditional patterns. "In the same way that Metafore rethought the format of professional meeting places, I wanted to transform the places in which we receive collectors. Whether they are young or already present in prestigious collections, I defend each artist for the quality of their artistic approach and their work. I wanted to bring together artists who focus on abstraction but who use a variety of media: painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography, art objects, monumental and site-specific installations. We now have about a hundred of them, all techniques included," she says. "The objective of this collaboration was to offer our clients the possibility of discovering works of art, renewed several times a year, within our spaces.

If they fall in love with the work, our clients and their guests can also be put in touch with the gallery to buy the works in question," adds Romain Magri. "We propose a curation tailored to the identity of each place, which we study closely with the architects RMGB and Romain," explains Amélie du Chalard. Some forty works have been selected for the Boétie space, signed by Virginie Hucher, Renaud Gilles, Clémence Amette, Yosigo, Frédéric Heurlier Cimolai and Charlotte Culot among others.


Amelie, Maison d'art x Philippe Hurel

Until December 2021

Association of chromies, textures, opposition or analogies of shapes, each work resonates with the high-quality pieces of furniture from Philippe Hurel's 2021 collection, at 4 Rue du Bouloi, 75001 Paris, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Philippe Hurel, designer of exceptional furniture called on Amelie, Maison d'Art - embodied by Amélie du Chalard - to enhance his new collection of furniture. Among more than a hundred contemporary artists that she represents, Amélie du Chalard has chosen some of the works of painters, sculptors, visual artists and photographer.

The values ​​shared by the two Houses, the love of materials, the diversity of disciplines, the discovery of talents, the attachment to the gesture of the hand and to creation, ensure a common thread between Amélie, Maison d'art and Philippe Hurel.

Association of colors, textures, opposition or analogies of shapes, each work resonates with the high-quality pieces of furniture from Philippe Hurel's 2021 collection. With this unique installation, the visitor is immersed in different domestic and artistic worlds of invigorating modernity.

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